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Business Coach Kim Miles

Kim Miles

Life & Business Career Coach

As one of Stellar Media Marketing’s partners, Kim Miles is a Certified Business Coach through the International Coach Federation.  She is a professional with over 15 years of experience in various industries including engineering, telecommunications, aerospace and direct sales. In all positions that Ms. Miles has worked, her open and direct communication style has allowed those with whom she works to feel heard and appreciated.  She has experience in Project Development, Integration of Strategic Plans, Business Development, Sales, Training and Personnel Development in roles such as Project Manager, Corporate Account Manager, Technical Recruiter, Project Engineer, and Program Controls Analyst. Learn more at http://kimlmiles.com


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HootSuite is a social media management system for businesses and organizations to collaboratively execute campaigns across multiple social networks from one secure, web-based dashboard. Launch marketing campaigns, identify and grow audiences, and distribute targeted messages using HootSuite’s unique social media dashboard. Streamline team workflow with scheduling and assignment tools and reach audiences with geo-targeting functionality. Invite multiple collaborators to manage social networks securely, plus provide custom reports using the comprehensive social analytics tools for measurement.

Key social network integrations include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and new Google+ Pages, plus a suite of social content apps for YouTube, Flickr, Tumblr and more.


  • When it comes to social media, Kelly knows what she's doing. When we worked together, she worked tirelessly to get an astounding amount of social media campaigns all coordinated and she got [...]
    Kelly has this go-get-them attitude about her! When I had the pleasure of working with Kelly she was always bringing new and innovative ideas to the table. She goes above and beyond the call of [...]
    Kelly did a magnificent job of presenting an overview of social media to a roomful of business owners. She expertly addressed all the questions that were raised while still systemically working [...]
    I attended a class Kelly presented on Mastering LinkedIn. Her expertise with the material is unparalleled and her presentation style is engaging. I knew a lot of things about LinkedIn before the [...]
    Kelly is a sales and marketing professional with great attention to detail. She is competent, diligent and courageous. I enjoyed working with her and would welcome her on my team any day. She [...]
    I have attended multiple classes offered by Kelly and I must say she has hit the mark on all of them. Kelly’s passion for what she does really makes a difference in her teachings. Kelly is very [...]
    Not only does Kelly have vast knowledge of Social Media and all the inner workings of the maze that comes along with it, she is fun and a real person too! I have found Kelly to be patient, [...]
    A stellar speaker! Kelly has spoken to groups at the Denver Metro Small Business Development Center for the last two years, and she is always a client favorite. She's an energetic, vivacious and [...]
    I feel so unbelievably blessed that I have found Kelly Mirabella to help me grow my business. Kelly is on top of a fast-changing industry and always innovative with new ideas for us small [...]
    I love to learn from the really strong cutting-edge thinkers. That's why I always listen with interest to what Kelly has to say. Sharp, interesting, relevant and helpful. A real asset to our [...]
    Kelly is a marketing professional who isn't afraid to take the path less traveled when it comes to taking her projects to the next level. She takes ownership to her projects, and is energetic, [...]
    I have used Kelly's services both as a member of her class sessions and as a private one-on-one client. I have to say I have been 100% satisfied in both settings. She is knowledgeable, personable [...]
    A dynamic young marketing professional with lots of energy and the ability to get things done! Kelly is all that and more! I have had the honor of working with Kelly over the last year, first [...]
    Kelly is an asset for any company she is working with. She is assertive and has great follow through. Kelly is very creative with her positions and is constantly thinking outside the box.
    Kelly is what I would call a “Rock Star” within her given industry. I had the pleasure of working with Kelly and was never disappointed with her professionalism and overall job performance. She [...]
    There is no doubt in my mind that Kelly is a networking/internet savant! What always impressed me was the SPEED in which she could accomplish the tasks set before her! Frequently Her “To-Do List” [...]
    In a time when we didn't have the budget to hire a full-time social media content manager, Kelly shared her experience and hip-ness to help us launch our Facebook page, as well as reach enough [...]
    Kelly gave a presentation to a group of Boy Scout leaders to help them better understand "social media." She opened a lot of eyes, eased a lot of concern, and helped drag us into the 21st [...]
    Quick on her feet and with a smile, Kelly is exactly the kind of person you want managing your social media campaigns. She is a dynamic, technically savvy individual who can develop your [...]
    I worked with Kelly Noble on my very first real estate transaction which was with Pulte Homes. Kelly's over-the-top enthusiasm and willingess to do whatever it takes to complete a smooth [...]
    Kelly's Linkedin class was great! Very informative and well thought out. She presented a lot of information in a very organized and detailed manner, which, allowed me to further my understanding [...]
    Kelly is a excellent project manager and social marketing strategist. Her detailed knowledge of social media platforms and search optimization makes her an invaluable resource for businesses [...]
    Kelly represents a generation of internet social media marketing specialists. In meeting with Kelly I noticed that not only is she very knowledgeable on her trade, but she also has a refreshing [...]
    Roxann Souci, consultant with Fetch Response Social Media Marketing, March 2013 Today I took my first class with Kelly Mirabella, owner & social media consultant with Stellar Media Marketing. [...]
    Kelly is passionate about social media and it shows in her work. Her effort and commitment to FSWs social media program was relentless. Kelly took social media far beyond Facebook and Twitter [...]
    Kelly is an expert in social media. She is generous in that she is willing to talk to people at length, sharing her knowledge freely. Her classes are so full of information they really should [...]
    Kelly has been a delight to work with. She consistently exceeds expectations and continuously works to improve her already vast knowledge of social media. She is enthusiastic, personable, and [...]
    Kelly Noble is my Hero! With so much information overload these days it is refreshing to work with someone who not only can manage the tidal wave of data, but do it in such a way to make it [...]
    I have had a LinkedIn account for years and never took it past the basics of my name and sharing a little about the type of work I do. While having coffee one day with Kelly, she was telling me [...]
    Kelly is amazing. Her knowledge and passion for social media is second-to-none. She is very creative in her approach and pays attention to takes special pride in exceeding her customer's [...]
    Kelly is an Internet Concierge par execllance! She is one of the best Social Media experts that I have met and I've met a lot. She not only understands technology and its uses in a small to [...]
    Kelly knows social media and better yet she can teach a terrific class.
    Kelly taught a class on Mastering LinkIn. I was very impressed with her level of expertise. She was comfortable infront of the audience, infused her lesson with energy and humor and was very [...]
    After listening to her podcast for the past year, I finally reached out to Kelly for some help. She did not disappoint. Kelly provided very specific suggestions for improving my profile and [...]
    Kelly is energetic & knowledgable about social media. She produced great work from start to finish. I would definately hire her again.
    I'm 55 and really did not have a clue about social media. After one private session and a follow-up training seminar with Kelly Noble, I have a much better understanding about Facebook and [...]
    I have attended several of Kelly's social media classes and each has been packed with valuable info. Kelly is great at giving real world advice and helpful tips for business and personal use. [...]
    Kelly never calls herself a Social Media Expert like so many others but rather ops for Social Media Geek. I think she is mistaken as she is not a geek and she is an expert. Over the course of [...]
    I met Kelly a few weeks ago and after talking to her awhile I decided to attend her Facebook / LinkedIn class. I have attended classes on Social Media before, but I learned more in Kelly's class [...]
    I have had the priviledge of getting know Kelly as a Chiropractic patient and felt such warmth, confidence and trust during our treatments that I decided to ask for her assistance. She has the [...]
    Our team hired Kelly to help us develop a social media presence/platform for marketing and keeping in touch with past clients. We have been very pleased with her expertise, suggestions, and the [...]
    Kelly does a great job setting up your social media systems and then making sure you understand how to use them effectively. She works very well will all types of people and I know if she can [...]
    Kelly is a detail oriented, world-class, hands on educator. A social media guru - second to none. Kelly is the Donald Trump of social media consulting and traing. A dynamic presentation, [...]
    Kelly is intelligent and hard working. She is skilled at working with people and displays initiative. Kelly is also a joy to be around.
    I learned so much for the presentation Kelly gave to the Denver Jewish Chamber of Commerce yesterday --- LinkedIn in 45 Minutes. Immediately after the talk, I started implementing Kelly's [...]
    Kelly is wonderful to work with. She does exactly what she says she will do. Nothing falls through the cracks when you work with her. She is detail oriented and just one sharp lady. You can [...]
    Kelly is 'The Expert' on all types of social media, is current with the latest .... I would HIGHLY recommend Kelly for either business or personal social media training.
    I met Kelly through the Colorado Springs Housing and Building Association more than a year ago. I immediately took to Kelly because of her demonstrated professionalism and creative abilities. [...]
    Kelly is detail oriented and very very good at managing social media accounts. I have been very pleased with the help she has given me in understanding the different medias and keeping on top of [...]
    Kelly always had a great attitude and work ethic, was well organized and strived to provide the best customer service possible.
    I've taken 3 classes with Kelly, including having her speak at business gathering involving many industries. Her knowledge of how to use social media tools is not just amazing, its pragmatic and [...]
    I found Kelly's class to be very informative and up to date. I would recommend this class to anyone who is interested in getting up to speed on social networking or learn how to fine tune its use.
    I recently took Kelly's LinkedIn for Business class and it was a real eye-opener! I have been avoiding using a lot of social media, especially LinkedIn, as I assumed it was just for [...]
    I can sum this up in a simple statement: Kelly is a social media/networking guru. I have witnessed her work in these areas, and she is brilliant! She has a broad range of knowledge from working [...]
    Kelly is truly Stellar! Her knowledge of social media is extensive and she makes it easy to understand and has helped us to expand social applications to our business. She has provided us with [...]
    It is always a plus to work with someone who does their job with such passion and thorough attention to detail! Kelly embraces every aspect of her position and excels in the field of internet [...]
    Kelly is an excellent speaker/trainer/"social media geek" who give solid information that is current and relevant. She takes the geek speak out of social media and give tools and information [...]
    Pulte Homes only hires the nicest and most professional sales personnel. Kelly was the nicest of the nice! A true pleasure to work with - knowledgeable, personable, and so NICE!
    Kelly was very professional and well organized. She would a benefit to any organization
    Kelly, thank you for feeding us through a fire hose, I truely mean it. I enjoyed hearing about all the exciting opportunities that LinkedIn has to offer and appreciate your attention to detail [...]
    I attended one of Kelly's social media classes. The class was only about an hour long, but Kelly did a great job of packing it with useful information. The biggest thing I was reminded of is how [...]
    Kelly knows all the ins and outs of social media. Her work is professional, creative, and gets positive results. If you are trying to grow your business or find more clients, I would highly [...]
    Kelly is one of those rare people that shares knowledge with sincere motivation to help you succeed. People are drawn to her for expert knowledge, high emotional intelligence and ability to speak [...]
    Kelly is an amazing asset to our company. Not only does she perform her main job function with great results, she also is a champion for the entire staff. Her bright and upbeat personality and [...]
    Wow!!! I just completed my 2 classes with Kelly about LinkIn and Facebook. She is an awesome teacher and is very patient with people that don't know what they are doing...(like me) Her classes [...]
    I like attending Kelly's group classes. The classes are affordable and are packed with great information. Plus I like the fact I can leave there with some great ideas for my business but not [...]
    I have had the pleasure to work with and attend training Kelly and her company provides in the area of social media. She is a wonderful instructor making it easy to understand and offers great [...]
    Kelly is wonderful for a social media contact. She knows everything about face book, blogging and twitter and Linkedin . she is very professional and knowledgable. I highly recommend her for [...]
    Kelly is a go-getter. She is innovative and is making it happen every day. Kelly is full of great ideas and knows how to put them in action.
    Kelly was a star! She took courses from me in Mgt & Org Beh and Marketing Research, and got the top grade in both. In Mgt & Org Beh she did a dandy individual project on Cirque du Soleil, and in [...]

  • "Quick on her feet and with a smile, Kelly is exactly the kind of person you want managing your social media campaigns. She is a dynamic, technically savvy individual who can develop your company's brand image and support marketing efforts while creating strategic and actionable results."

    ~ Dana Deason, Internet Marketing Professional

    "Kelly Noble is my Hero! With so much information overload these days it is refreshing to work with someone who not only can manage the tidal wave of data, but do it in such a way to make it appear like childs play. Kelly is truly a leader in 21st Century business and networking techniques!"

    ~ Mark Long, President, Vanguard Homes

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