Better Blogging Part 3

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In my last two blog posts I have discussed ways you can make your blog better and increase your readership. The series continues here where I will discuss marketing your blog and being a active in the blog community.

Be your own marketing department.

You know those little share buttons at the bottom of each of your blogs…Use them. For every blog I post I share on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Stumble, Yahoo, Google, and the like. Yes, you have to set up an account but it helps so why not do it?

Also if you are writing about a brand, company or product try sharing your blog post with that company. If it makes sense you can email them otherwise find out if they have a twitter account and tag them when you post to twitter or find out if they have a Facebook fan page and post it to the fan page. This way they might even share your content with their fans and followers too…OR if you are really lucky they will add your blog link to their website. This is the ultimate compliment!


Be active.

This one kinda goes along with the whole being your own marketing department. To get more traffic and to get noticed you have to get out there. Make comments (good ones) on other blog sites. Add your blog to free blog directories. It takes a little time to set up and most of the time you have to add a button on your blog but once you get set up it’s cake. Also when people make comments on your blog be sure to comment back.

Also sign up for for Facebook and your blogs will automatically post to Facebook when you post a new blog. It also will help people who do not follow you on Facebook to find you because it acts as a blog directory.  I would also suggest participating in some forums that relate to your blog topic. Forums seem to really bring in the traffic!

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