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3 ways to jump-start your content marketing

Author image Kelly Mirabella
Kelly Mirabella
July 11, 2022
Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to gain new clients, but it can also be really hard to get started. Here are 3 ways you can jump-start your content marketing that is simple and easy for any size business or organization!

Here are three methods for beginning your content marketing that is simple and quick to implement, regardless of size!

1) Write a blog

You can offer your readers helpful suggestions about how to get started, what tools they might need, and the best industry-specific blogging platforms. This blog post can help potential clients learn more about you in a non-salesy way that provides value to them before they even think of hiring you.

If you have a blog post about your industry, you can share it with your followers to generate discussion. You can also share content about things that are happening in your industry, so followers know what's going on. Sharing is one of the most organic ways to reach new people and get them to be interested in what you do without feeling like you're selling them something.

If your blog post provides valuable content, it could be shared across the web and bring you in front of a whole new audience.

Want an easier way to blog? Check out this video I did on writing blogs with

2) Start a podcast

According to Edison Research, over 104 million Americans (that's more than one-third of the population) regularly consume podcasts in 2021. ( With the number growing, it makes sense that a podcast can be a great thing to add to your content strategy. Podcasting is made even easier with tools like Anchor.FM, which is free and helps you produce and distribute your podcast across all the major podcast networks including apple podcast and Spotify.

The great thing about podcasting is that you can target your listeners with very specific topics. Podcasts work well for business clients because they allow you to add value in a way that doesn't feel like solicitation.

3) Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world (behind Google) and it's still growing. Video marketing is powerful on its own, but when you combine it with social media, blogs, and a website your video will reach an even larger audience. Maybe there are videos that you've created for a different project that wouldn't necessarily be good for a blog, but they still hold value to your client. You can share those on YouTube, or even videos from other sources that have worked well and you think might work for your own business.

YouTube is also a great way to show how you work and the process behind what you do whether it's through video tutorials or review-style testimonial videos. You can use them to show off your products, but also create content that helps people understand the problems you help solve and how you do it.

While YouTube can be time-intensive, the payoff is often huge for a business. I have been able to generate a lot of high ticket clients solely based on my YouTube channel content. If you are just getting started and want to start on the right foot I would highly recommend you go buy the book The YouTube Formula by Derral Eves. This is hands down the best book on the market about YouTube and how to be successful on the platform.

We know that starting a content marketing campaign can be daunting, but with these three strategies, you'll have the tools to get started. You may not need all of them or even want to use some; instead pick and choose which ones make sense for your company's needs and goals. The next time you're feeling overwhelmed by how much work it takes to run an effective digital marketing strategy, come back here for this list as a reminder of what you can do today! Which one is your favorite?