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You deserve a better life—one where fear doesn’t hold you back from achieving your dreams.There’s no limit on what is possible for you, but it all starts with taking that first step towards change. People are quick to invest time and money into skills to help them achieve their goals…But if your mindset is not right and you are afraid or have self-doubts, you will constantly be going in circles and never really leveling up.

Kelly Noble Mirabella You Are Stellar Coaching

Do you want more for yourself?

Do you see your peer’s success and think, why not me?  Do you feel like you should be further along?

You are not alone in that perspective.

Look, listen; the key to change is to reshape your beliefs.

If you do, everything else will follow suit. Your mindset controls the outcome of what you can accomplish in your life.

Over the last 11 years, I have used my skills to help people learn the tools to DO business.  I am excited to give people the power to take those tools and dream bigger, conquer fears, let go of everything holding you back and see you are limitless through 1:1 coaching. With my resources as a board-certified Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming coach, board-certified Master Practitioner in Time Line Therapy™, and board-certified Hypnotherapy Master Practitioner, I work with clients to get out of their own way so they can finally be at peace and achieve greater success than ever before.

I specialize in
🔹 Overcoming fear
🔹 Anxiety when it comes to speaking, going live, and marketing yourself
🔹 Confidence Building
🔹 Money mindset
🔹 And those ready to take the leap to entrepreneurship and beyond.

I can help you push past self-confidence issues that are holding you back from achieving your goals. I have helped clients get past the limiting beliefs and fears that have been holding them back – since childhood…

I'm Not for everyone

All of Kelly’s certifications are board recognized by:

The American Board of Hypnotherapy, American Board of NLP,  
and the Time Line Therapy™ Association.

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Working with Kelly Noble Mirabella

Interested in Working Together?

If you would like to learn more and see if this type of coaching is a good match for you, please set up a free 30-minute consulting session so we can get you on the bright path to your future reality.

Client Testimonials

More Kudos

I started to work with Kelly Noble Mirabella of Stellar Media Marketing in April 2018. She helped me get my confidence to go live on video through a Facebook Group. This led to me cohosting a multistream show on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube that has guests from all over the world. Completely changed my business

Jim Fuhs

Kelly is a brilliant hypnotherapist and since working with her, my motivation is through the roof.  She didn’t just follow a script, she took the time to learn the language of MY unconscious mind.  The result is that everything she said during hypnosis really resonated with me and weeks later I’m still feeling as motivated as I did right after our session.

Brooke S.

If you’re ready to experience clarity, Kelly is your person!After getting deeply frustrated and impatient with being stuck and not moving forward on my business and also consistently having that negative self talk, Kelly helped me through the mindset block and bring me clarity through hypnotherapy.  Now I finally feel ready to take on whatever it is that comes my way.If you’re ready to experience the relief of knowing you’ll always have control over your self talk, don’t think twice, hire Kelly.

Christina B.

In the real estate business there are coaches around every corner – choices abound! I have been working with Kelly for a few months and she has been exceptional. She creates and maintains a balance between push and encouragement; instruction and support; and patience and promotion. A+

Brian McKenna